It's the best and also the worst

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The truth of the matter is, everyone needs healing. No one is toxic, no one is inherently bad, only misguided and hurt. May we find a place within ourselves to accept that some people hurt more than others. This does not mean we need to spend any time with them, try and heal them, or even tolerate them, however we must try and cultivate compassion for the pain that others go through. We are all in some type of healing process.


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The main distinction between religion and spirituality is to access God through a frame or through the lack of a frame. For some, a frame is a helpful way to access and understand God. For others, they may need less of a guided frame. All people experience spirituality differently, and none is wrong or incorrect, only different.


Human beings are always trying to cultivate more divine qualitites. One quality God has that isn’t often talked about is a sense of defenselessness. Nothing can ultimately hurt or affect God, and so God can go through the world and engage with all beings in a completely defenseless manner. We strive to be the type of person who goes through life with arms wide open. We can be truly defenseless, as God is.


Your life is a three layer cake. The first layer: what you do. The second layer: what you want to do. The third layer: what you tell people. The more in sync the three layers are for you, the more actualized and happy you will be. We’re either heading towards alignment or misalignment all the time, nothing else is ever going on but that.


Giving help can be a messy thing! Sometimes we may feel taken advantage of, or we have trouble navigating boundaries, or we may find that we don’t have any at all. For some of us, this was the reason we avoided giving help altogether. Luckily, there are ways of giving help that be both spiritual and practical, and can work for us.


Asking for help is one of the most difficult things in this life. It’s also a very silly and unnecessary way we humans create pain in our lives. We try and be so independent and strong, and ultimately it’s self-defeating and destructive to not ask for help. May we all learn to ask for more help, that the universe may bring that to us.


News flash: everything in this universe runs on some energy frequency. Every emotion has its own frequency. What frequency are you usually in? You frequency determines how you feel determines what you do in turn determines how you feel. Make your frequency work for you instead of against you!


Giving is the only way to receive. Giving away your time, effort, or physical items is a way of contacting a higher power. The window through which we would give to others would be the same window that God would give to us. We can’t divorce ourselves from that very simple fact of the universe. Giving implies I have enough to give away.


The world needs great healing, and you are apart of it! When others have forgotten who they are, remind them of the love that is within them by always responding with love. This doesn’t mean we have to let others walk all over us. In fact, if we have good boundaries we can go through life with arms wide open, accepting and giving lovve freely. Any loving word or action is apart of the healing of the world. 


Loving isn’t so much of a choice we have, love is who we are. When we don’t love a person for any reason, we are simply showing that our soul’s development has not advanced very much. Practicing love with those who are not easy to love is one of the highest actions a person can take. This is the love that God would give.