You feel like you have nothing but you actually have everything


What are you waiting on today? Knowldege, worthiness, your degree, acceptance? Feel yourself reaching that goal, and know that you may now give that to yourself in this very moment. What are you waiting for? Some furutre time? Instead of waiting to give the gift, give it now.


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It’s common to feel like we need to Go Go Go! Our society rewards a lot of business. Being busy gives us self-esteem, and can give us the feeling that we’re accomplishing. Doing, however, isn’t equivalent to being. The amount that we would naturally do, is enough. We don’t need to do extra things to gain acceptance, worth, or adequacy.


It’s time to think in a different way- a way that aligns with the universe. Miracle: A surprising and welcome event that is not explainable by scientific laws. Essentially we’re always trying to get in alignment with the truth of who we are so we can receive miracles from the universe.


The seeds of the soul. What kind of seeds are you going to plant today? Will you water the weeds or the beautiful flowers. I find fruits and vegetables very spiritual. I talk about gardening as it applies to spirituality. Every beautiful flower, fruit, and vegetable grows out of the dirt.


Giving is the only way to receive. Giving away your time, effort, or physical items is a way of contacting a higher power. The window through which we would give to others would be the same window that God would give to us. We can’t divorce ourselves from that very simple fact of the universe. Giving implies I have enough to give away.


Money is spiritual, pt. 2! Money is not only abundant and energetically charged, it grows. Unlike any other natural resource that we know of, the resource of money never decays away. In fact, it grows with interest. Those who have more money will be given more money for the simple fact that they have it. This can be used for good or evil, it all depends on personal choice. 


Money is spiritual! It is an energetic medium that helps people make connections, that’s all. Any other idea that you or I have about money has been painted onto money with rose colored (or poop colored) glasses. Money is an abundant resource we can draw on whenever we need it. Money is infinite, and best of all, money flows to anyone who would a positive attractive force.