What's underneath your fearful bullshit

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No Life, No Death, only transformation. This is an idea which comes mostly from Buddhism. Nothing in this world actually posesses a particular form, it’s only the form of our perception. This is the essence of signlessness. Nothing is ever in a constant form, but always in flux. As with water, whatever particular manifestation is happening now is not the ultimate truth. Nothing ever dies in this world, it is only transformed.


Are you in a work rut? You may want to ask, what are you creating? There may be some habit energy that you are recreating and revisiting through your repeated passage to a thought, feeling, or behavior. Being in the same body and the same environment for our whole lives, we can develop ways of being that we reinforce without even knowing it. How many right turns must one make before ending up in the same place you started? It is this repetitive box that makes up our rut.

My Perfect Failure

Today I’m joined by Paul Padmore of My Perfect Failure. We’re talking failure: what it does to our minds, how it shapes our perception and behavior, and ultimately how to channel it for good.

Check out My Perfect Failure for more interesting stories of overcoming failure:

My Perfect Failure





It is so important to know who you are. It’s more important than money, status, luck, beauty, or any other outer circumstance. Knowing who you are is the foundation of knowing what you want and ultimately getting it. If you don’t know who you are you will be misaligned from the start! So do your work.


Your authenticity is your strength. Nothing could be more profound or moving than the creative work that bursts from that inner place. Nobody can be you, that is your superpower. Own it! The most successful people in the world have mostly got there by doing what they wanted to do. It hasn’t been about emulating the great works of others. God has brought you a unique mixture of personality and gifts that no one could ever replicate. May you use them now.


The ideas of “good” and “bad” are largely made by our mind and shaped by our experience. For the most part, bad things that happen will be remembered differently, even fondly, and the good things that happen will scarcely be remembered at all. Be careful how you judge them when you don’t know the whole story.


God speaks to each in the perfect way. All religions in the world, all spiritual traditions and teachers talk about different aspects of the whole. The entire network of human experience comes together as the full expression of
“God,” “Spirit,” or “The Universe.” It doesn’t matter what you call it, we can all feel it in our own way.