Feel the feels so you can heal the heals

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Every single person has a particular thing that will make them absolutely crumble: a person, a sentence, a word. For me, that sentence is “you are not enough.” What is it for you? Most of the work that we are doing in a spiritual practice is pointed in the direction of our sore spots. Today we may become more aware of our wounded places.


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If we could have unconditional faith in a higher power we would be truly free. Often our faith in God isn’t unconditional, but we do actually have practice with this concept. We have unconditional faith in our perspective and thought formations. What you make in your own mind is what you put your faith into, just to prove to yourself what you believe is correct.


Notes on distructiveness. When we’re not in spiritual alignment we may be like a tornado going from town to town wrecking everything in our path. There are many human pains and sufferings caused by people’s spiritual misalignment. In the moment, when we are distructive, we will have a sense that we are only hurting ourselves. That may not be true. May we heal our self distructive and outwardly distructive patterns today.


We live in quite a pent up and nonconfrontational society. Passive aggression is very common and many people have piles of anger inside. That is not spiritual! The experience and expression of anger is part of the normal range of human emotions. May you find your path to expressing it in a healthy way. Today, you’ve got to start with anger before you can get to acceptance.


Giving help can be a messy thing! Sometimes we may feel taken advantage of, or we have trouble navigating boundaries, or we may find that we don’t have any at all. For some of us, this was the reason we avoided giving help altogether. Luckily, there are ways of giving help that be both spiritual and practical, and can work for us.


Asking for help is one of the most difficult things in this life. It’s also a very silly and unnecessary way we humans create pain in our lives. We try and be so independent and strong, and ultimately it’s self-defeating and destructive to not ask for help. May we all learn to ask for more help, that the universe may bring that to us.


We’re talking about our motivations today. Are we motivated by fear or love? Do we make decisions based on the latter or the former? We’re talking today about a lack of love. The way your inner motivation works will have a dramatic effect on your behavior vs. other people. Learn about your motivation here.


A feeling of brokenness can bring us to our knees. It can feel like not only are we broken, but we are a lost cause. When we feel broken beyond repair we may take actions that are contrary to our integrity and our healing. What’s the point? I’m going to be like this forever. God doesn’t make problems with no solutions. There is a solution out there that is seeking you, go find it.


You can’t solve a feeling, you just have to feel it. Wise words said by a wise lady I knew. In life we have the attitude that it would be better if we could just feel all the good stuff and none of the bad stuff, but would it, really? This episode is about engaging with your feelings and getting to know them wholeheartedly.