When God is a loaded word

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It’s time to think in a different way- a way that aligns with the universe. Miracle: A surprising and welcome event that is not explainable by scientific laws. Essentially we’re always trying to get in alignment with the truth of who we are so we can receive miracles from the universe.


We talk about the present moment often in reference to meditation but living in the present moment doesn’t have to be just in meditation. Most people live in the past or the future and occasionally visit the present moment when it is needed for practical circumstances. Really, we would be better off doing the opposite. For more reading on The Present Moment I would suggest the writings of Eckhart Tolle.

Obsessive Thoughts

Obsessive thoughts or anxious and intrusive thoughts can be a huge disruption for our day. They can send us completely into a tailspin, unable to tend to our responsibilities or receive any peace from the universe. This episode will help you tap into ways to calm your rumination.


The universe is a giant organism with billions of moving parts. Each part works in sync with others, animated by the innate knowledge and energy of the universe. We’re apart of that ancient and all knowing spiritual energy. We are one with not only all humans but all beings, living and inanimate. Woven into the fabric of the universe, we know that we are never separate; our work is for the greater good of the whole. 


All humans need different types of power. Food, water, love, and faith can all produce power for you to use in your daily life. Those who stay plugged in maintain a state of connectedness with the divine spirit. When we don’t power up, we lose. We can use this power in any way we choose, the important thing is that we are always powering up. 


Spiritual principles are laws of the universe, just as real as gravity, space, and matter. We name each principle with a special name, for which every culture around the world has also developed a name. When we practice spiritual principles we get to borrow their power. We temporarily manifest a strength that can come only from the universe.