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Sometimes we feel like we’re in complete darkness. There is a darkness we may be carrying that we will not show to the light. We simply fear to completely fall apart. Very deep and set in, they are particularly difficult to let go. Even those things can be healed.


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So much pain has occurred in our world, it can feel sometimes like someone or the greater world owes us something. The world can feel like such a burden, how can society just expect us to go out and be an adult? The world has expectations on me, and I in turn have expectations on the world. This is a shade of self-pity. Today, may I heal from my sense on learned helplessness, and allow myself to function in the world free of expectations.


Are you in a work rut? You may want to ask, what are you creating? There may be some habit energy that you are recreating and revisiting through your repeated passage to a thought, feeling, or behavior. Being in the same body and the same environment for our whole lives, we can develop ways of being that we reinforce without even knowing it. How many right turns must one make before ending up in the same place you started? It is this repetitive box that makes up our rut.


A feeling of brokenness can bring us to our knees. It can feel like not only are we broken, but we are a lost cause. When we feel broken beyond repair we may take actions that are contrary to our integrity and our healing. What’s the point? I’m going to be like this forever. God doesn’t make problems with no solutions. There is a solution out there that is seeking you, go find it.


Life is an adventure. Life is a journey. We should be looking at life as a process we are always trying to take pleasure in, to the extent possible. If you’re always suffering trying to reach a goal you will be in much suffering in life. Make your journey enjoyable; in fact, make your journey the whole point.


Pain is always something we’d like to have less of. It would be better if there were less pain and less hurt. Consider, though, that pain has a cosmic purpose like any other emotion we have. Pain is here to leave a message. You need healing! Get in alignment! Today we can be grateful for the message that pain brings, in what other way would we become aware of the need for healing?