Are you in a work rut? You may want to ask, what are you creating? There may be some habit energy that you are recreating and revisiting through your repeated passage to a thought, feeling, or behavior. Being in the same body and the same environment for our whole lives, we can develop ways of being that we reinforce without even knowing it. How many right turns must one make before ending up in the same place you started? It is this repetitive box that makes up our rut.


Being a creative who puts art out into the world is a strange exercise. When we spend a lot of time on a project that comes straight from the heart, we may feel that the art is coming straight from some inner sacred place. When we put out this intensely personal piece of art we may feel that it is a reflection of us. What if people don’t like it? Does that mean they don’t like us? The most successful art that we can ever make is that which comes most purely out of a desire to create, rather than that which we think is post appealing or popular.


Notes on distructiveness. When we’re not in spiritual alignment we may be like a tornado going from town to town wrecking everything in our path. There are many human pains and sufferings caused by people’s spiritual misalignment. In the moment, when we are distructive, we will have a sense that we are only hurting ourselves. That may not be true. May we heal our self distructive and outwardly distructive patterns today.


Gratitude is the staple of a spiritual diet. It’s one of those secret weapons which can transform any negative energy or attitude we hold. Whenever we call on it, gratitude immediately changes our inner experience. It turns problems to gifts, confusion into clarity. There is no situation or circustance in life that cannot be touched by the power of gratitude.


If we could have unconditional faith in a higher power we would be truly free. Often our faith in God isn’t unconditional, but we do actually have practice with this concept. We have unconditional faith in our perspective and thought formations. What you make in your own mind is what you put your faith into, just to prove to yourself what you believe is correct.


Every single thing you do is a repetitive behavior. When we do one behavior we are often setting ourselves up for another behavior. The hooks in our environment that trigger repetitive behaviors can reinforce bad habits. Today, be aware of them. Even if you’re not ready to let repetition go, be conscious of your doing it.


We live in quite a pent up and nonconfrontational society. Passive aggression is very common and many people have piles of anger inside. That is not spiritual! The experience and expression of anger is part of the normal range of human emotions. May you find your path to expressing it in a healthy way. Today, you’ve got to start with anger before you can get to acceptance.


Do you have the feeling that you’re in a hostile universe, a loving universe, or a neutral universe? If we were to go anywhere else in the universe we would immediately die. The fearful parts of our mind would have us believe that we never have what we need. Howver, the reality is that we ALWAYS have what we need, it’s just that we’re discontent and focused on the missing things.


Does it ever feel like life is throwing everything at you but the kitchen sink? It’s really easy to get discouraged! One of the first things we tend to do is head into panic. Have faith, lean on your people and your higher power, and know that you won’t be in this space forever. God would not bring you more than you can handle with God.


Isn’t it interesting that sometimes we’re so caught up in making a decision that we’d rather have someone else make the decision for us, even if the decision is one that limits our freedom. If you shrug your way through life, you will find that you’ll end up somewhere you don’t ultimately want to be. Get clear today about what you want, and make that decision.


Giving help can be a messy thing! Sometimes we may feel taken advantage of, or we have trouble navigating boundaries, or we may find that we don’t have any at all. For some of us, this was the reason we avoided giving help altogether. Luckily, there are ways of giving help that be both spiritual and practical, and can work for us.


Asking for help is one of the most difficult things in this life. It’s also a very silly and unnecessary way we humans create pain in our lives. We try and be so independent and strong, and ultimately it’s self-defeating and destructive to not ask for help. May we all learn to ask for more help, that the universe may bring that to us.

My Perfect Failure

Today I’m joined by Paul Padmore of My Perfect Failure. We’re talking failure: what it does to our minds, how it shapes our perception and behavior, and ultimately how to channel it for good.

Check out My Perfect Failure for more interesting stories of overcoming failure:

My Perfect Failure





We’re talking about our motivations today. Are we motivated by fear or love? Do we make decisions based on the latter or the former? We’re talking today about a lack of love. The way your inner motivation works will have a dramatic effect on your behavior vs. other people. Learn about your motivation here.


We talk about the present moment often in reference to meditation but living in the present moment doesn’t have to be just in meditation. Most people live in the past or the future and occasionally visit the present moment when it is needed for practical circumstances. Really, we would be better off doing the opposite. For more reading on The Present Moment I would suggest the writings of Eckhart Tolle.

Obsessive Thoughts

Obsessive thoughts or anxious and intrusive thoughts can be a huge disruption for our day. They can send us completely into a tailspin, unable to tend to our responsibilities or receive any peace from the universe. This episode will help you tap into ways to calm your rumination.


Practicing daily affirmations. Sometimes our mind repeats negative and compulsive thought patterns that do not help us with our spiritual work. They may say things like “you’re not good enough,” “no one likes you,” or just plain “you’re fat.” Since our subconscious mind is always listening, we will start to believe whatever we hear repeatedly. It’s necessary to say positive affirmations to cancel out and drown out those negative patterns to get us back on track to love, acceptance, and compassion.


A feeling of brokenness can bring us to our knees. It can feel like not only are we broken, but we are a lost cause. When we feel broken beyond repair we may take actions that are contrary to our integrity and our healing. What’s the point? I’m going to be like this forever. God doesn’t make problems with no solutions. There is a solution out there that is seeking you, go find it.


Owning your personal power is about relinquishing those things that suck your energy away that you ultimately have no control over. Owning your personal power is also about putting your effort where it will matter, instead of assuming you’re powerless to change a situation. This is the essence of the serenity prayer: help me find the balance between what I can and cannot change.


Life is an adventure. Life is a journey. We should be looking at life as a process we are always trying to take pleasure in, to the extent possible. If you’re always suffering trying to reach a goal you will be in much suffering in life. Make your journey enjoyable; in fact, make your journey the whole point.


The practice of meditation is a gift that you can revisit your whole life. Developing a practice of meditation helps us understand that our problems are waves in a vast ocean. We are not our probelms, we are the awareness behind them. Meditation can help us tap into the ability for self healing, reduce stress, and get to know our inner world.


Your authenticity is your strength. Nothing could be more profound or moving than the creative work that bursts from that inner place. Nobody can be you, that is your superpower. Own it! The most successful people in the world have mostly got there by doing what they wanted to do. It hasn’t been about emulating the great works of others. God has brought you a unique mixture of personality and gifts that no one could ever replicate. May you use them now.


Pressure makes diamonds! We were not put on this earth to avoid storms, we were put here to become skilled sailors. When we’re under intense pressure it can feel like a burden or like something we don’t need in our life. God sits back and says yes, you need this. Being under pressure from time to time molds us into the diamonds we are.


Giving is the only way to receive. Giving away your time, effort, or physical items is a way of contacting a higher power. The window through which we would give to others would be the same window that God would give to us. We can’t divorce ourselves from that very simple fact of the universe. Giving implies I have enough to give away.


The law of attraction says that any thought we would hold in our mind can be manifested on the physical level. If we would hold positive thoughts in our mind as opposed to negative things, we would find that more positive things manifest in our life. This episode looks at that on a very literal and physical level. 

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