It can be really painful needing things from people. It’s difficult to get our needs met, and it’s painful that we can’t control the outside world. Sometimes we become overly self-reliant in trying to not need anything. Unfortunately, you cannot un-need anything. In this pursuit, you end up abandoning yourself. Today, may we be able to own our needs so we can confront the fear of not getting them met.


This nugget comes from The Four Agreements. The whole of the human drama comes from assumptions and taking things personally. When people don’t behave the way we want/expect, stories are created. On top of stories come emotions which are created out of the stories we want to tell. Making assumptions hurts us, and when others behave in the wrong way we will take things personally. Today, God help us. May we not take anything personally.


Relationships are one of the most difficult things that we will engage with in this life. The idea that we can’t control others is very painful. People are late! People are flaky! How are we supposed to trust them? We develop many expectations and disappoint ourselves. Or, we set ourselves up for failure. Today, may we interpret being let down differently. May we meet our relationships and people where they are, regardless of what they do.


Balance is spiritual order. Everything in the world is always trying to balance itself, whether it be karma, our own bodies, or nature. Life is always calling us to balance. Today, if we’re feeling unbalanced, we can know that is a very natural and spiritual part of life.

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